Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Educators in faith Men with Hope to Bring

Rev. Prosper Akutwatse, C.S.C

Head Teacher, Secretary

Dr. Muhammed Menya

Consultant, Education

Rev. Dennis Luule


Rev. Henry Kajubi

Deputy Head teacher
Holy Cross Lake View School excels in academics, debates, and sports, earning consistent awards. The school actively advocates for the Moreau Scholarship Scheme, breaking financial barriers for students’ international academic opportunities. This reflects Holy Cross Lake View Pride in fostering well-rounded individuals with academic excellence, effective communication, and a global perspective.
Holy Cross Lake View School consistently earns awards for academic excellence, national-level debate achievements, and success in sports and athletics. The institution’s commitment to holistic development is evident through its students’ outstanding performance, showcasing prowess not only in academics but also in effective communication and athletic competitions on a national scale.
Holy Cross Lake View Schools actively lobbies for the Moreau Scholarship Scheme, facilitating scholarships for students to study in the United States. This initiative reflects the school’s commitment to breaking financial barriers, providing students with international academic opportunities, and fostering a global perspective for well-rounded individuals