Library and Creative Learning

Library and creative learning

At Holy Cross, you will learn to earn a living - and build a life that matters.

Welcome to the Holy Cross Lakeview senior secondary school Library. The HCLV library also known as Paul Mukyawe Library has for over the years been a center for research, training, teaching, learning, support and providing a conducive environment for work and study. The library is a state-of-the-art knowledge hub that connects staff, students, administrators and Board of directors at large. Our mission is to provide up to date, reliable, relevant and high-quality library and information services. to members of staff and the students at large of Holy Cross Lakeview Community. Our slogan “Read, Learn and Innovate at HCLV” The HCLV Library has a built-up collection of relevant, up-to-date resources in both print and electronic format.

Our staff and facilities offer countless support and opportunities for both the New Lower secondary curriculum and the Old curriculum, and a vast collection of print and digital books, journals, Novels, Magazines, DVDs, CDs and religious materials. The flexibility of our library spaces on campus allows our facilities to meet the students’ needs whether they are studying for an exam in our quiet study space or working on a group project or activities of integration for the New lower secondary education students.
CIU library has two libraries, the Main Library also known as Paul Mukyawe Library for O-Level materials and the Annex Library/A-Level library and for over the years the library has been a Centre for research, training, teaching, learning, support and providing a conducive environment for work and study. Through its slogan “Read, Learn, Smile and Innovate at HCLV” library staff have made it a point to avail religious related information while adhering to the technological and educational advancements thus, bring about the general improvement of the students, staffs, researchers and community at large. I am pleased to say the CIU Library staff continues to be innovative. and supportive of these changes. We look forward to more years of making a difference in academics, spiritual. nourishment, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through research and also playing an influential and impactful role in our students’ experience here at Holy Cross Lakeview Senior secondary school.