I am who I am today because of Holy Cross Lake View SSS

My name is Cherop Kepha Siya a student of S.3 A at Holy Cross Lake View SSS. I joined holy cross lake view in 2020 in my senor one. Having an opportunity to study at Holy Cross Lake View SSS has been a blessing in disguise. While here my experience has been touching and life changing.
I am glad to share my experience at Holy Cross Lake View SSS. I have benefitted not only academically but also socially and spiritually. I have had the opportunity to enjoy the good and convenient learning environment, interact with people from different backgrounds and engage in different discussions with teachers, staff members and fellow learners both in the new and old curriculum. I have enjoyed utilization of facilities like the library that are well-stocked and also benefited from consulting our teachers because they have always been there whenever I need them.
One of the key areas of improvement is my spiritual life. Being here, I have gotten personal time to interact with God through utilizing the school chapel and this has helped to transform me and improve on my prayer life. We also get time to exercise spirituality every day for example we have mass every Sunday and Wednesday and praise and worship every Tuesday and Thursday this has given me more time and opportunity to interact with God.
Participating in clubs is also one of the most memorable experiences I would love to share. At Holy Cross Lake View SSS, we have both academic and non-academic clubs and am glad to have participated in the following clubs: Debate Club, Laudato Si Club, ICT Club. In the debate club and Laudato Si, I have participated in many activities both in and out of school and this has exposed me to many different places and through this I have been able to interact with different categories of people.
Personally, I am very passionate in ICT, and I have served as the president of the ICT Club 2023-2024 and during this term I have represented the club and the school in different external activities like science fare and the agricultural shows. In this reign I’ve also participated in developing different projects together with the club members and this has really improved my ICT skills as in the field of ICT.
I have had the opportunity to serve in different leadership positions from which I have acquired different leadership skills. In my class, I have served as a class president of the year 2022-2023. I have also served actively in the school campus faith ministry as the ICT Coordinator from year 2022-2023 and still serving for the year 2023-2024.
While here, I’ve also been exposed to activities like patriotism in which I have participated actively and through this, I have developed love for my country and my school. I have learnt to be patriotic in each and everything I do.
Another thing to share is participation in houses. I am a member of MCD House, and I am glad to share that I have actively participated in different activities for my house such as debate competitions, cross-country and spelling bee competitions. Being in my house has taught me a lot of teamwork and team building skills.
On the whole, my experience here at Holy Cross Lake View SSS has made me believe that I am from a far, I am far, and I am going far, the sky is no longer the limit. Holy Cross Lake View SSS will always remain a home away from home.

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