My Life at Holy Cross Lake View School

Holy cross lake view is a school with a vision to make all youth useful citizens in society educating the mind, body, and soul. At holy cross, the mind is taught, hearts are touched, and lives are transformed. Making a choice of a school for your child is always one of the difficult things to do as apparent, but I must say my parents won the battle for because holy cross is a school unique one in a million that can’t be compared to any other.

Well, you need to understand that even without making research, holy cross deeds speak for themselves everywhere with just a look at a holy cross student specified by values of prayer, trust in God, Discipline, Integrity, honesty, truth and Service. The impact put into us better than we really were before joining the great institution. I have lived to love and cherish my school and that’s why I say “I know of one school, my school” because Holy Cross Made me and she is my pride.

As a student goes to school, the main reason is to study and that is to talk of academics, to excel therefore was my target as I approached the gates of holy cross lake view. I must confess that the structures at holy cross made me believe I had already achieved it all when I visited holy cross the first time, it was not only the conducive classroom environment, but also the accommodative libraries to encourage students to read with fully installed internet and very many others.

I must say that this is a school that give one a chance to fully engage in activities right from class to outside class that have made what I am to inspire thousands to join me at the mighty school.

While at Holy cross lake view, I have got a chance to meet different teachers who have helped me to improve my academics because a holy cross teacher is defined by their abilities of being great teachers who are courageous, unshakable and compassionate about their work. holy cross has given a chance to explore knowledge and my talents by engaging me in different programs, in the world of science, the soon to be center of science and innovation has invested in us a lot to come up with different projects that have enabled us to be great people in the world of science.

The life I have lived at holy cross lake view is engaging and self-reliant, being able to attain the very best leadership skills, I have been a leader for all the time I have been in my school, this has taught me to be not only responsible but also efficient and influential in whatever I do while at school and outside school, something that gives the ability to be leader everywhere I go and because of that, I know that Holy cross lake view will one day produce leaders for this world and I will be among, the confidence I have to defend my abilities and responsibilities is all because of my school, I have been able to debate in different tournament and discuss issues concerning different matters affecting the country and that has made confident enough to represent my school in the community and media, all because of her engaging activities.

The future can be brought near only when what you dream to do in the future is done now, holy cross has made this for me the fact that certain things I expected myself to do in the future are being done now.

There is no other place where everyone can accommodate, access, understand, receive care and be is only one family I know, and that is the family of holy cross lake view sss where this can happen. If you love my story, if you love to transform your life, the life of your friend, or child to be like me, then make the choice now because you actually playing with their future. Introduce them to the world of magic, the transformation place and a place where they can change their lives completely to live as fully useful citizens in society. I am talking about Holy cross lake view ss, in Wanyange, a school made for me, and you and I am sure your dreams will become like mine, and you will inspire yourself and motivate your spirit.

I have grown in faith because this is a catholic founded and based home where we come together our almighty father who keeps us together as a one family in a million and therefore thanks be to those who join us to make this family complete and I do completely believe that it is only one and only you who has given in your time to read my story and appreciate the mighty school, holy cross lake view the Eastern Breeze call it LAVISCO.

Education For Service

Ave Crux Spes Unica

For God and My Country.