No more ion-related deficiency problems

Basing on the alarming ion-related deficiency challenges and the society’s lack of idea about the readily available sources of these crucial ions, our S.4A learners under the guidance of Mr. Oule Samuel were inspired to come up with a project to address this challenge and save many lives.

From their Chemistry knowledge of the periodic table and the elements in it, the learners came to realize that the ions of those elements may not make sense to a person’s life unless they understand the uses of these ions in their biological systems. They therefore came up with a project aimed at informing the public about the roles of the ions, the consequences faced if the required quantities of the ions are not met and the possible remedy for the deficiencies.

The project was hinged on the theme, “Eradication of ion-related deficiency problems in our societies.”

The rationale of the project was to educate the people about the food substances that contain these particular ions in relatively considerable concentrations and give a procedure for preparing different foods to be taken such that an individual can obtain these ions in plenty. These include drinks like juice, taking whole grains, groundnut pastes, chocolates, pumpkin pies among others. The project therefore provides a diverse form of recipes in order to cater for the different food eating preferences but above all, ensuring that an individual obtains the required ions from the various natural foods. Different groups ventured into different food categories namely, fruits, juice making, legumes, cereals, roasted seeds and greens which is a long-term project.

These teachers have played a Cardinal role in guiding the learners throughout their project and engaging in research with them to ensure that they accomplish their project work successfully. The school Librarians have also played a pivotal role in ensuring that the students access internet and guide them accordingly during their research. Similarly, the school administration has greatly facilitated the project by providing both moral and financial support.

In relation to the New Curriculum which emphasizes equipping learners with knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in the society to generate income and also solve the societal challenges, our project was invented to equip students with the required practical knowledge and skills. According to some interviews conducted during and after the project activities, many students confessed that they have acquired many skills and they can now make money from the food substances available at home like fruits, cereals, legumes among others. This was enough evidence that the project already yielded positive impacts on the learners and created a broad foundation for carrying out other projects in Chemistry and other subjects in addition to their research abilities.

In a nutshell, the students’ project not only showcases an exceptional display of the students’ conceptualization of what is taught in class but also highlights the importance of collaboration, creativity and research, the exact skills cherished in the 21st century world. For more details, visit our website created by the students at

Mr. Oule Samuel.