Why I chose Holy Cross Lake View SSS

Located in the Eastern part of Uganda, Holy Cross Lake View is a Catholic founded school headed by the Congregation of Holy Cross Religious men and women from all over the world.
Amazingly, much as it is a fully Catholic founded school and I being a non-Catholic, I have never been made to feel like I don’t belong here. It is such an adventure to be obtaining knowledge from these people of God without having to feel like an outsider. Joining Lake View was a golden opportunity for me to realize my talent, accomplish my academic goals and most importantly enrich my faith in God.
This is a place where people of all races, religions, social statuses and tribes are treated as one without making another feel as though they are any special. It provides a conducive environment for both staff members, students as well as parents. As our chaplains normally preach to us, everyone who is part is the school community is also part of the large Holy Cross family that is all over the world.
With educating the heart, mind and body, Lake View has taught me all the necessary values of becoming a useful citizen in my society. Prayer has been a key value that the school endeavors to maintain all the time and ensure that all members of its community actively participate and benefit from it. Discipline is another aspect of the school’s strong foundation where many of the institution’s students have been applauded for exhibiting the best of it. Everyone at Lake View ensures to instill discipline in a very stern but yet exciting manner that makes me believe that our educators are not just leaders but also guides who show us what we ought to do unlike some others who only tell us what must be done. Lake View is an entirely observe and learn environment rather than hear and learn which other learning institutions offer.
My most exciting experience at Lake View has been having numerous opportunities of expanding my talents in public speech and debate at all levels. Am really excited to have as any chances as I can have to represent my school at different tournaments and am so proud to have won lots of awards for myself and also for the school. So many talents like mine have been promoted by the school. Many students have been motivated to take on their talents as a way of educating the minds bodies and hearts of youths.
When we talk academics, I must admit that our teachers have gone out of their ways to ensure that only the standard education is bestowed unto all learners. They have availed themselves in all situations and also established the healthiest relationships with all of us. They have equipped us with the most abundant knowledge and skills to solve life problems. As new curriculum students, the school has gone an extra mile of ensuring that the necessary equipment is put in place for us to practice all that is required in this new method of teaching and learning. With well-equipped laboratories, libraries and spacious classrooms, I believe all students are able to acquire all that they require to achieve the school’s vision of becoming useful citizens in their societies. Teachers always keep an open mind and heart to all learners, and they always offer their helping hands generously whenever called upon.
Life out of class is also as equally exciting as any other school program where all students are actively involved in activities such as football, basketball, netball and other indoor co-curricular activities such as table tennis, chess, scrabble and so much more. The better part of all this is that staff members as well get actively involved as this breaches the interaction gap between everyone promoting better social relationships. How fun it is to play with the head teacher during leisure time! This has ensured a sense of security within the students to prove that everyone in our community can freely be approached.

Lake View in nutshell is what one must call a complete home away from home whose doors are widely to all those who would wish to join its family. I must admit that joining this family has been one of the very few great and rightest decisions I have made in my life. I have no regrets for I have been warmly accepted and welcomed as an important member of the family.
As a girl, am truly honored to have the rare opportunity of obtaining knowledge from such a community that recognizes and promotes my abilities and also protects me from all dangers of this drastic changing world. With this I do believe that I will be able to achieve my dreams for the future and become that woman I aspire to be someday for I know that my future is extremely bright as long as am at Lake View.
I personally welcome everyone out there to our wonderful family and pray for you to find company and joy in us. We love you and very much care for you.

BY Kisule Swabura Nahia