School history and background

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Fr. Robert Hesse C.S.C (RIP)

The Congregation of Holy Cross is of a group of vowed men within the Catholic Church embracing their charism “Educators in faith” and Spirituality “The Cross Our Only Hope.” They are dedicated to the service of others through pastoral work in parishes and education in schools. Her origin is in the period following the French Revolution (1789). This period saw the collapse of the educational system in France but the rise of Holy Cross to educate people at the time was a way to overcome the injustices of the time. For that we also involve in Justice and Peace ministry with a preferential option for the poor. In 1820, Fr. James Dujarie found a group of brothers to teach in parish schools, around 1835, Fr. Basil Moreau joined to a group of priests to form the Congregation of Holy Cross. The congregation rapidly spread to Africa (Algeria) and North America (United States and Canada) in the 1840’s and Western Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1852. Over the years, the Congregation has also spread to Peru, Chile, Brazil, Haiti, India and Ghana opening Parishes and Schools (primary, secondary and universities) in these countries. In 1958, Holy Cross came to Fort Portal, Uganda. Its work was mostly restricted to that. area until moved to Nairobi in 1978. At the same time the congregation moved to Nairobi, it began admitting East Africans to the Congregation. The need to educate these young seminarians and brothers in 1990 led to the establishment of the Philosophical Centre, Jinja, in collaboration with Missionaries of Africa (“white fathers”). It was at this time that Holy Cross was given a parish in Bugembe by Bishop Willgers, MHM (RIP). The first parish priest was late Fr. Robert Hesse, C.S.C (RIP), who happens to have been in the very first group of Holy Cross members to come to Uganda in 1958. At this
time, Fr. Hesse and Br. Paul Kasande saw the urgent need of secondary education in the Bugembe area. Although Wanyange Girls, Busoga College, Mwiri and M. M.Wairaka College existed, they were not accessible to the local people due to the high competition and high school fees.

Br. Paul Kasande C.S.C

Fr. Hesse and Bro. Paul Organized the local people and rallied their support for the project, which was initiated at the meeting of parishioners, LCs, local educators and other interested people held on 18th October 1992. Contributions were made in cash and kind. Volunteer Labour was obtained and on 23rd February 1993, the school opened as an O-level day school with just one classroom and fifty-one senior one students. Sr. Mary Louise Whaler, C.S.C, of the Congregation of the sisters of the Holy Cross, was the first headmistress; She led the school as a true educator in faith embracing the Holy Cross Charism of Education by educating the Minds, Hearts and Bodies of the learners. Each year, another group was admitted, and another classroom built. Due to pressure from parents who “knew a good thing when they saw it”, a hostel was opened in 1995 and the school began its transition from day to boarding. UNEB granted an O-level center on 8th August.
1995 and things were set for the first sitting the following year. When the pioneer students sat in 1996, a “miracle” happened and when the results were issued, LAKE VIEW S.S was listed. among the best fifty schools in Uganda-. It is fitting to “give credit where credit is due” in the mention of Brother Andre after whom the school hall was named! Hope comes next. Up to today Andre Hall exists as a place of prayer, Assemblies group discussions and all formal gatherings. We believed in the power of prayers, particularly the intercession of St. Andre Bassette (CSC. Br) Today in school we have a club named BRO. ANDRE VOCATION CLUB.

Br. Andre Bessette, C.S.C

Br. Andre Bessette, C.S.C, born in 1845, was a humble and sickly man who never finished primary school. He was assigned to a large Holy Cross Boarding Secondary School in Montreal, Canada and for forty years, he served humbly as porter (doorkeeper). He also did simple jobs like give haircuts to students, mop and fill lanterns. Mostly, he prayed. People were attracted by his kindness, and he was blessed with gift of healing. With time, more and more people sought him out. He had a special devotion to St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, and with time a huge church, called St. Joseph’s Oratory was built on the hill opposite the school. The Oratory is still visited by millions of pilgrims each year. When he died in January 1937, over one million people came to pay respects in spite of the very cold weather. Thus, St. Andre is a “special friend” of Holy Cross Lake View SSS! All our achievements are attributed to St. Andre since 1996 up to date. When the school was founded, it was founded as a parish school, which meant that it was the parish that controlled and administered it. However, in 2001 the Congregation of Holy Cross decided to separate the school from the parish, it was incorporated under the sponsorship and administration of the Congregation of Holy Cross for its staffing, growth and development.
In 2003, Sr. Mary Louise retired and was replaced by Br. John Flood at the start of 2004. Br. John Flood CSC was replaced by Mr. Rumanyika Alex in 2010. Mr. Rumanyika Alex was replaced by Br. Cleophas Kyomuhendo, CSC in 2013 to June 2016 he was replaced by school administrators July 2016 to December 2016 Mr. Akoragye John Niwizera and Br. Neema Everest Kizito CSC respectively, finally in January 2017 we got Sr. Beatrice Driwaru, CSC as the current head teacher.  In 2004 a plan for the physical development of the school was drawn and the first elements of the kitchen and girls’ dorm were opened in 2006. Since then, drainage problem caused by the rock underlying the school required another look at the above plan and the development of the school lead to its being shifted to this site about a mile away from old campus. In 2007 a development plan was structured by the Congregation of Holy Cross to build this new Campus for the school due to the persistent water drainage challenge and the greet need to have all students’ boys and girls reside in the same campus. This plan began with procuring a new property “Musiima land”.
A lot has happened since then, the Congregation for Holy Cross has set up a 500 capacity boys’ dormitory, A new girl’s dormitory that was opened on the 8th of March 2019 (woman’s day) with a capacity of 600 girls. A new classroom and administration block with modern laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Fine art, Food/ Nutrition and computer)
with a good library space. The facility can hold a capacity of 2,000 students at a ratio of 50 students per class. The construction of the silver jubilee complex with the dinning, kitchen, canteen and conference Hall done in 2020.This Jubilee is its kind because parents are partnering with Congregation of Holy Cross by contributing 20% of the total cost of the construction of the project. Teachers staff housing of twelve self-contained apartments done early this year and already occupied. The second phase of staff housing/ CSC men community house and playground construction is in progress. More development of other phases like the chapel, second wing of boy’s/ girl’s Dormitories, rainwater harvesting tanks, upgrading our solar system, among others are the needs of the school at this time. As the school focuses on its preferred future the above are its priorities.