Holy Cross Lake View Athletics

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Holy Cross Lakeview SSS has a variety of games and sports ranging from Athletics (cross country) where all students take part in with some members of staff and each of them collect pints for their houses, inter-house basketball both boys and girls where students still take part to collect points for their houses.   Inter-house football, inter-house Volleyball, Other indoor games include table tennis, chess, checkers, Scrubble, Snakes and ladders, Ludo and many more.

Hesse House

Bob – Hesse House: This house was named after Holy Cross Priest Fr. Robert Hesse C.S.C who was among the first Holy Cross Priests in Uganda

Lwanga House

Lwanga House: This was named after Charles Lwanga a convert to the catholic church who was martyred with a group of his peers for his religion.

Kabalega House

Kabalega House: This house was named after Omukama John Chwa II Kabalega of Bunyoro-Kitara, who ruled Bunyoro from 1870-1899.

Lutaaya House

Lutaaya House: This was named after a famous Ugandan Musician who was the first prominent Ugandan to give a human face to HIV/AIDs. He was the first to declare his HIV status.

MCD House

MCD House: This house was named after a Holy Cross Priest Rev. Fr. Tom McDermott, C.S.C who also served at Holy Cross Lake View SSS.

Safari House

SAFARI House: This was named after a Holy Cross Seminarian from Tanzania who was doing his pastoral work in Bugembe Parish, He was knocked dead at Katendde road Bugembe.