At Holy Cross, you will learn to earn a living - and build a life that matters.

Holy Cross Lakeview SSS has a culture of very serious academic work characterized by effective teaching, regular tests, student discussions, debates, assignments and seminars. Results from regular tests are available for parents to assess the academic performance/progress of their children.

To effect this, the parents are given a form that comprises of all the subjects and papers their child offers and move with it to the different teachers who teach the child for advice and guidance. Holy Cross Lakeview SSS offers education, which enhances the potential for employability. There is belief in preparing students for the world of work. The availability and quality of education on offer to students is excellent.

While your experience will vary depending on your major, all Holy Cross Lake View students share common academic experiences:

  • Small class sizes (the average is 12)
  • Close relationships with faculty
  • Our core curriculum
  • Professional Internship and Senior Capstone

Together, these experiences will prepare you to become curious scholars and informed citizens equipped to use your knowledge in service of the common good.

NB: No admissions are allowed in the middle of the year, and other classes apart from S.1 and S.5.

Educators in the faith, Men with hope to bring.

Educators at Holy Cross Lake View SSS Wanyange, affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross, integrate faith into education, instilling hope by encouraging both academic and spiritual growth. Committed to holistic development, they serve as mentors, fostering a supportive community aligned with Holy Cross values. Going beyond academics, their mission is to shape students into well-rounded individuals, embodying the virtues of the Holy Cross Man as defined by the Congregation.