Discovering Engineering: An Immersive Job Shadow Experience At Bidco Uganda Limited

On the 13th of June 2024, a group of ambitious senior three and senior five students from Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School embarked on a job shadow adventure at BIDCO Uganda Limited. Eager to pursue careers in engineering, these students eagerly embraced the chance to delve into the world of professional engineering.

The job shadow program at BIDCO Uganda Limited provided the students with a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the daily routines of professional engineers. Submerged in the bustling working environment, the students were able to witness the practical application of engineering principles and theories they had previously studied in the classroom.

Throughout the day, the students engaged with engineers involved in a variety of projects, exposing them to a wide range of engineering specializations. From civil and mechanical engineering to electrical and environmental engineering, the students gained valuable insights into the distinct challenges and duties associated with each discipline.

In addition to exploring different engineering fields, the job shadowing program also served as a platform for the students to cultivate essential professional skills. By observing the engineers in action, the students gleaned knowledge on effective communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving – all vital skills for a successful engineering career.

The experience at BIDCO Uganda Limited left a profound impact on the students, igniting a newfound sense of motivation and direction in their engineering aspirations. They drew inspiration from the professionals they shadowed and nurtured a deeper passion for the engineering field.

From the feedback by the students, the job shadow encounter at BIDCO Uganda Limited proved to be an invaluable experience for the students at Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School. Bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, the program provided exposure to diverse engineering disciplines and facilitated the development of essential skills. The hands-on experience gained through job shadow has the potential to significantly influence the academic and professional trajectories of these budding engineers.

As educators, it is crucial to encourage and facilitate more opportunities for students to engage in job shadowing initiatives. Experiences like the one at BIDCO Uganda Limited empower students to make well-informed decisions about their future careers in engineering, thereby shaping the future generation of engineering professionals.