Life as a Holy Cross Lake View Student

Holy cross in the Eastern region of Uganda lies my home away from home Life as I know it has changed ever since I arrived at HOLY CROSS it was founded in 1993 and been running ever since It was built to help the less fortunate even to date it still serve this purpose It is a catholic founded school It teaches morals and instils in us virtues needed to be a responsible citizen Why is Holy cross my home away from home It has taught me things that even I thought that I could not learn in short it has made me what I am today On my first day at Holy cross I felt what it meant to be truly catholic I saw a version of my myself that I had never seen before the people I have met here have played a big role in my life I first came to holy cross timid scared and anti-social but on getting used to the school it opened so many doors for me there also a number of clubs in holy cross to make your stay here more interesting like chess debate scripture union Laudato si my personal favorite volley ball basket and so on All these are different ways of tunnelling your energy Now I have plenty of opportunities to make a difference in my life and in the life of others for example Laudato si WE CHANGE THE WORLD ONE DAY AT ATIME saving life of our future generations plant a tree to bring life Trees are usually treated to be not important but there a source of pure air they help in rain formation it isn’t all about trees it about save and protect the earth just think about the animals killed because of pollution Just think about your future generations how life would be without these amenities we take advantage of remember change starts with you that’s all about Laudato si Why chose holy cross the question is really why not holy cross offers a number of things one of these things being quality education teachers at holy cross have a way of teaching that include everyone being the new curriculum student interact comfortably with each other in the classrooms. Holy Cross provides a conducive environment for learning It is a catholic found school builds one with catholic values it also teaches one to get along with one another its main goal up to date is help the unfortunate holy now has people form every part of this country and people of different religions holy cross embraces people of different cultures, colors and different views of life. We all join Holy Cross in search of one thing a brighter future. what makes holy cross different. I know who expect me to say the faculties but it’s the people that make this great institution what it is. Without the people there would be no school and without the school there would be no learning. I have come to the conclusion that there are a million schools in the world, but none will give you the Holy Cross experience right down from the staff to the administrators you will feel the love that comes from all. Life in Holy Cross can be hard at times, but we learn to overcome these obstacles through prayer. I would like to end this article with a saying I heard it’s not about how hard life can be sometimes but to treasure what life gives you.