A Level Science Students Attend A Science Fare And Career Guidance Session At Busitema University

Africa needs science and innovation. As we embark on making Holy Cross the Centre for science, we were greatly privileged to attend the Science Fare at Busitema University. Following our invitation, a group of 63 A’ Level science students under the guidance of a few staff members journeyed to Busitema University on a serene morning of 26th March 2024.

Reaching our destination at 10: am, we were received with open arms and greeted with warm smiles which made us feel at home. The towering trees that engulfed the campus and the delightful sight of the playful troupe of monkeys moving about and swinging from one tree to another captivated us all, inviting us to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The event which took place in the university conference room was marked by showcases of mouthwatering innovations in engineering, Agriculture and Biological Science, the exhibitions that widened our learners’ conceptualization of scientific intricacies and fostered their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

While addressing the audience, Prof. Dr. Paul Waako, the vice chancellor of Busitema University gave a motivational lecture on academics and underscored the importance of managing time effectively at school and home thus challenging our learners to improve on their time management.

Dr. Lilian Gumuguni Nabasa, the academic registrar also provided an effective career guidance to the students which cleared the mysteries surrounding their career choices and empowered them to make informed career decisions.

The trip ended with a guided tour to the university. Excitement filled the air as the students toured around the different university departments and lecture rooms. Some students were spotted lost in thoughts, imagining themselves to be the students of the great institution of science, technology and innovation.

Overall, the trip had a significant and transformative impact on the learners and as they bid farewell to the campus, they were lost in the world of possibilities. They had a good time to interact with their peers and professionals in different fields of study and this enabled them to envision their future careers. I genuinely extend my heartfelt gratitude to the school administration for the unwavering support rendered during the trip and their apparent tenaciousness in fostering science education. We look forward to your continued support to spur our students’ progress in their academic endeavours.

Mr. Mukangala Michael,

Head of Biology Department.