Meet Sseruyange Emmanuel: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Passionate About Aviation

Sseruyange Emmanuel, a 30-year-old native of Jinja, has embarked on an impressive journey in the field of aviation. His educational path has taken him from St. Benedict Nursery School to various institutions, shaping his passion for aircraft maintenance and engineering.

Sseruyange Emmanuel

Following his primary education Sseruyange joined us at Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S Wanyange – Jinja for his Ordinary Level studies, Sseruyange later continued his academic pursuits at East High and Wairaka College for his Advanced Level education. After completing his A’ level, he ventured into specialized training at the Kenya Aeronautical College in Kenya and Heinz Academia in Germany, focusing on aircraft maintenance with a mechanical specialization.

According to Serruyange, the spark that ignited his interest in aviation was during his time at Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S, where he participated in a program called JOB SHADOWING. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to shadow professionals in their desired fields. It was during a visit to Kakira Airstrip that Sseruyange had a transformative encounter with aircraft engineers and pilots. This experience offered him a firsthand look into the intricacies of aviation and solidified his decision to pursue a career in the industry.

Throughout his academic journey, Sseruyange was exposed to various programs such as career guidance and science fairs, which played a pivotal role in shaping his passion for science. While he initially enjoyed playing soccer, these initiatives motivated him to develop a profound interest in the field of aviation.

Currently, Sseruyange is a licensed and certified aircraft maintenance engineer, a role that entails ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft for flight. His responsibilities include conducting regular inspections, troubleshooting technical issues, performing repairs and modifications, and replacing components, systems, and structures. In the realm of aviation safety, the work of aircraft maintenance engineers like Sseruyange is indispensable, as even minor malfunctions can have severe repercussions during flight.

With his dedication, expertise, and commitment to ensuring the airworthiness of aircraft, Sseruyange Emmanuel exemplifies the passion and skill required to excel in the field of aviation maintenance. His journey from Jinja to international training institutions is a testament to his unwavering determination to pursue his dreams and make a meaningful impact in the aviation industry. Guided by his old school motto: Education for Service he is now poised to serve our nation and inspire more young people in the field of art craft Engineering.

Asked about his future plans.

“I hope someday to open up a tourism company and a small domestic air company to fly tourists to several national parks” This is amazing and much needed in Uganda.