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Thursday, June 6, 2024

WANYANGE – JINJA on June, 6 Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S has announced its upcoming Thanksgiving Mass and the Launch of the Innovative and Creative education program headed by Fr. Henry Kajubu Senteza, CSC and the School’s Science department.

We are excited to announce this long-awaited program aimed at empowering our learners and fostering collaboration with our Alumni and taking a bolder step in embracing the new curriculum for the benefit of our leaners and in fulfillment of our Countries goal for establishing the new curriculum. This also highlights our purpose of sending students to study abroad to come back and impact Home. Learn more about this STEM program
In the News, the Provincial Superior of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Province of East Africa Fr. Caxton Peter Mayanja, CSC, and His Royal Highness the Kyabazinga of Busoga Willian Gabula Nadiope IV will be at Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S – Wanyange Jinja (HCLV) to officiate a momentous Thanksgiving Mass and Launch the scientific innovation and Creative education program of the school an event that will see HCLV partner with its Alumnus Dr. Muwanika Idiobe to the strengthen the yearly Science Fare program of the school tailored to mentor student’s gifts and capabilities in science and innovation.

The same program inspired him in the career of aerospace engineering while at HCLV. His Royal Highness the Kyabazinga of Busoga Willian Gabula Nadiope IV will be present as the Chief Guest accompanied by many other dignitaries.
While on June 16, 2024, HCLV will hold a Thanksgiving Mass for their pioneer Holy Cross Congregation (Dr. Muwanika Idiobe) and St. Edwards University Moreau scholar (Mr. Emmanuel Epau) who have graduated with international Degrees. It has been resolved that the school will also Launch its special program of enhancing creativity and innovation in the Country with a special focus on problem solving science projects.

To mention Dr. Muwanuka Diobe Uganda’s rising star in aerospace engineering, who is a product of the science fare program at school, supported by his science teacher mentor, Mr. Wante Erisa who supervised his project that became bird learning to flying in the air and now he has achieved his Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University at the age 29. Mr. Emmanuel Epau who was involved with student run business projects while in school under the mentorship of Mr. Ijonai Emmanuel, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from St. Edwards University in Texas.

These students and many others are a testament of the fruits of Holy Cross Education that prepares citizens for better times than ours.
In Uganda today, there is a strong push for institutions of learning to embrace skilled-based education, and the new curriculum is tailored to meet this need. Holy Cross Lake View S.S.S Wanyange has long been dedicated to providing a holistic learning environment for its students.

Now, the time has come for us to fully embrace creative and innovative problem-solving opportunities for our students, says the head teacher, Fr. Atukwatse Prosper, C.S.C.
Fr. Prosper emphasized that with the current challenges posed by climate change, the demands in the health sector and industrial science to mentor job creators, and the importance of utilizing emerging technologies effectively, innovative technologies will serve as a significant solution to many of our societal problems as it is envisioned in the Holy Cross Philosophy of Education as our role to prepare leaners for better times than ours.

The Holy Cross Lake View Laudato Youth Initiative are uniting our school with the community through, community service programs, climate change awareness campaigns, climate action involvement, now embracing smart agricultural innovations, and ongoing research on technology’s role in addressing issues of climate change in our country inspired by the Pope Message in the encyclical Laudato Si are all efforts of schools desire to foster an education that will prepare students and create positive in our Country.
In addition, Dr. Mwanika is committed to guide students research efforts on environmental sustainability projects. With these initiatives in place, Holy Cross Lake View is poised to inspire its students to utilize education, innovation, and creativity to tackle the pressing challenges of our time.

Together, we want to empower our learners to make a positive impact in the school, the Community, our home Busoga region, Our Country and the world at large in words of Fr. Prosper.
About Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School
Holy Cross Lake View Senior Secondary School is Located in Wanyange – Jinja, Musiima Village 5Km from Bugembe Town. Founded in 1993 by the brothers and Priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross. We are a private secondary school owned by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Province of East Africa. We are a Mixed day and Boarding School with both ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. At HCLVSSS,

We Teach Minds, Touch Hearts and Transform Live. Our primary goal is to provide holistic education. We strive to nurture our learners not only in academic excellence but also in physical activities (MDD, Games, and Sports), Spiritual Growth (Campus Ministry), and humane development which carefully focuses on nurturing our learners in creative and Performing Arts.

Through a rounded curriculum and a supportive environment, we aim to nurture leaners who are not just knowledgeable but also compassionate and spiritually enriched to serve others as engraved in our Motto, Education for Service.
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